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Information needed for Churchill hydrolastic pump.

Hi Hydragas Register

I was given a Churchill pump (Dalek) with both the pump up and vacuum sections. It didn't work when I got it and, while it was relatively easy to get the pump side sorted, I struggled with the vacuum.

All the components and nice and clean and the leather piston seals rejuvenated but my problem is with the two one-way valves.Each contains an octagonal piece of paxolin (circuit board material) but this just doesn't seal well enough to generate a vacuum. There was a lot of rusty water in these valves so my guess is there used to be a slim spring to keep the paxolin against the seal side (the one with the raised port). There might even have been some kind of sealer on teh paxolin (thin rubber) but no sign of that either.

So what I need is a knowledgeable person to advise me and/or supply me with a parts list/diagram for my pump.

Can anyone help me?

Rover 114 GTa

If anyone can help Neil with this information, email mail@hydragas.co.uk and I'll pass the details on.
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